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Full Version: One mini box for $240
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I reluctantly bought this at the Friday card show...I was going to flip it for $275-290 and waited till this evening to bust (two days later on Sunday)...glad I did

[Image: 2012-09-16_20-40-25_93.jpg]
very nice break for 1 box! pm me if your looking to move the james pmg! thx roger
holy cow congrats.
Sick lj !!!!!!!
Hurry & sell the Lebron!!

Wasn't Retro being pre-sold for $240... that is what the owner at my favorite LCS told me last week...
can't believe the high prices these boxes, mini-boxes, & singles are going for....

too many rich people in the card industry sucking all the cards up... so average collectors have no chance in obtaining them....
Anyone know if there will be a retail version? I'm not expecting the PMGs or autos or anything but some of the base cards look really cool.

Plus, I really just miss Fleer (always loved the logo for some reason) ... LOL
Fleer had always delivered great stuff with innovative designs...remember rubies, pgm, jamba, ultra platinum and masterpieces.
Sweet pull!
if u got ANY jimmer PM ME!
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