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Sorry to take room on the boards but Reggie Bush is putting a HUGE smile on my face today by running all over the Raiders!!! Just wanted to know is it Barry Sanders out there wearing a Bush jersey??? lol.

Go Phins!!!
def looking good. If he can keep it up he can make a run for the rushing title this year! My god Phins are punishing the raiders Smile
Lamar Miller scores his first NFL TD!!! 35-13 PHINS!!!
Man that was disgraceful! The ZBS is suppose to work to the talents of McFadden... and Palmer is well, Palmer.

On a sidenote do the Rams have any other WR other than Amendola?! Bradford 6/8 passing. Amendola 6 rec!
Man, it wasn't even the fact we won, but when was the last time our offense scored 5 TDS!?!?!?!?! For once I can enjoy my Sundays Big Grin
Hey baker, just pulled a Lamar Miller TOTC today, want first dibs?
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