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Full Version: Two New Pickups
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Got these in last week, just showing them off

2007 Exquisite 05/10
[Image: 4ffcc0a6.jpg]

2010 Five Star 04/10
[Image: 37d20c3f.jpg]
Sweet stuff. I still can't believe that he's beating up his wife Sad
Very nice additions. Love the quad but the inscription is sweet!
Wow, 2 nasty, nasty cards! Love 'em both.
Love those Five Star Inscription cards!!!! Great stuff Stefan!
That Inscription is awesome, Stefan! Congrats on the new arrivals.
I absolutely LOVE that quad. Wow, Fitz, Boldin, Wayne...geeze, awesome addition. Oh, the Five Star is great too!
Sweet pickups.
Love the quad auto, congrats on the pickups.
very nice adds!
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