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Went to the LCS today just to go and decided to bust a few packs while I was there. I opened some Finest, Elite, Platinum and Momentum. The Momentum was brand new and it was nice. 3 cards, but you got a hit in everyone. Anyway, here's the haul. It will all be FT in a bit after I get everything into my ORG. Thanks.

Here are my Momentum breaks:
Regular base: Brady, Blount, Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Urlacher, Forte Fitzpatrick.
#d base: Carson Palmer (#d/49)
JSY: Bernie Kosar #d/199;
Autos: Tyrone Crawford (Cowboys) #d/799, Coty Sensabaugh (Titans) # 4/5, Bernard Pierce (Exchange)

[Image: Crawfordauto.jpg]

Also got a couple of packs of Finest and hit this:
[Image: NickToonauto.jpg]

Opened 1 pack of Elite. No auto or JSY, but maybe just as good
Cam is the black version and is #d/49
[Image: CamBlackElite.jpg]
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