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my son bought me a pack of SP authentic while he was at the shop playing WOW tonight. It had a redemption card for a Martin Brodeur Marks of Distinction . limited to 25. this is my first redemption card how long does it actually take to get these from UD?
Could be a few weeks, months, or even years! With UD you just never know. It also depends on how quickly Marty signs. Maybe a Brodeur collector would have a better idea? Congrats, its a great pull!
Nice pull and as stated above ur guess is as good as ours
Nice pull! Congrats to your son! Hopefully you guys will be able to get that card in quickly!

nice pull
i have some come back in a couple months but i also have had some take up to a 1 1/2, it all depends on if the have them in stock/signed
what years is your Brodeur auto from
I got a brodeur 11-12 spa Brodeur auto #/25 and when I redeemed it UD site says playing confirmed to signing, please be patient. In the past when I got that message, it would take a few months (2-3) but I laos got one back in just under 7 weeks.

good luck with yours

I had a SP Authentic Luca Caputi redemption once that I had to wait 12-14 months to receive. I guess it all depends on the card.

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