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I'm just wondering if anyone else has any suggestions of good places to shop for boxes, etc online. Blowout has been cheaper than ebay, any other place I'm not aware of?
Dave and Adams is where I order from.
Agree with above
atlanta sports cards is another good one Great service, pretty good pricing and best of all....credits for items purchased (approx. $1 for each $10 spent) to be used for later purchases.
I go with Blowout and Atlanta Sportscards
I do Dave and Adams as well as Charm City Cards
GCX online. I always order from them. Fastest shipping around.
(09-14-2012 10:10 PM)rob024420 Wrote: [ -> ]Dave and Adams is where I order from.

same here
I usually order from Atlanta, D&A, Blowout, or (The Hobby Box)

I like The Hobby Box the best for completely superstitious reasons. I seem to have the best luck from there, haha.
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