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So heres the story i have 3 stevan Ridley RC on card Autos that i am waiting to be redeemed. 1 has been 8 months and two have been 7 months. I also have a gronkowski auto /10 that i have been waiting for for over a month and the real kicker about that is that one was already redeemed and sold on ebay about 3-4 weeks ago. So i msged panini through the redemption page and got no response tried again still no response. A few weeks later i call them and it sends me straight to voicemail so i left a msg. No return today i try calling again 3-4 times same thing straight to voicmail. By now im getting mad so i take to google and look up other numbers to reach panini at. Finally i get through and am put on hold for about 10 min. The person answered and i explained the situation there first response was "we are still waiting for those autographs to come in." So i was like well i have already seen copies of the Gronk redeemed and they said let me check into that and put me on hold again....came back and said sorry for are correct we will send that right out to you. Sadly the Ridleys are still being delayed but they said they are working hard on him and recently met with some ppl about it. So long story short i was able to get through and by doing so i finally will have my gronk auto in hand...its my lowest numbered auto of his to date.
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