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I have the opportunity to pick up a Steve Young collection from someone. I will only be getting stuff I need, but they will really help me along. He has a lot of the 90s parallels and inserts that are hard to come by.

My question is what is fair to offer? He has been in the 50% bv range. I have seen where you guys say less. I want to be fair, but not get screwed Smile I will be buying them in groups since I don't have a ton of cash.

Thanks in advance.
Hmmm...I'm not sure, but I would think that somewhere in the 50% for the *better* cards and maybe much less for the typical base or common...I hate to pay a lot myself and have gotten some good deals on my Faulk cards-usually when I buy them I get them around 30% and a bit lower...
hey, when are we going to a Niners game? Wink
Gotta agree with Kelly--since some of those 90s parallels/inserts are so hard to find now, it's probably worth going around 50%. But the other stuff you should be able to get for less. Good luck!
50% book value seems a bit steep to me, since you are buying in groups. Lots always seem to sell for a fraction of the total book value, so I don't see why you should pay 50% book. I personally think you should be at 20%-30%. Even less depending on the quality of cards.
Of course, you should take this all with a grain of salt since I'm kind of a jerk. Lol. Tongue
I tell ya what I've sat here and gave this some thought and I have come to this answer........................I'm not the best person to answer lol. After thinking of what I do in this position I realize I will pay what ever I have to if it's something I need for my T Jax or Houston PC. Now taking the PC factor out of the equation I normally figure sale value at 30%-50%, so I think if you can stay in that range and try to only pay 50% for the more rare stuff you should be good.
Since your cherry picking and paying piece by piece

I would consider paying for stuff found no where else like sportslot, comc, ebay etc..
20-25% if your dropping $200 - $250 a purchase.
30-40% if your dropping $50 - $100 a purchase.
40-60% if your dropping $1 - $50 a purchase.
(the more cash you drop the better deal you should get)

Would you consider offering the whole collection in one fell swoop including base 5% to 12%

Player lots sell fairly cheap when you are picking up large lots of them. However you miss out on some of those really tough to find 90's inserts so it's tough.
My first, and only, opinion is 25%
Depends on the card...I mean there are some hard to find inserts that sell for 3x book sometimes...but if they are run of the mill 25% book.
Thanks for all your help. I feel fairly comfortable now.

To give you an idea of what I am looking at, he has virtually all of Steve's cards that I have and about 75% of what I still need. Ironically, we used to bid against each other years ago. He had/has a bigger wallet than me so he did very well. Anyway, his boys are not interested at all in the cards Smile

One other question. He has them stored in binders. What condition should we use? Like I said, they are from the 90s, 94-99.
(09-14-2012 09:52 AM)koolkellygirl Wrote: [ -> ]
hey, when are we going to a Niners game? Wink

Are you available for night games, too?
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