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I am trying to collect ALL Michael Jordan's Refractor Cards from the '90's in PSA 9 or 10 and/or BGS 9.5 or 10.

The below pictured cards are what I currently have obtained in the past few weeks... and here are the ones I have acquired, but have yet received:

'93 Finest Refractor PSA 9 [Nearly Perfect Centering]
'95 Finest Refractor PSA 9 [W/O Coating... But Perfect Centering]
'95 Finest Mystery Borderless Refractor PSA 9
'96 Finest Refractors [Foundations "Gold" RARE] BGS 9.5
'97 Finest Refractor PSA 10 [W/O Coating... But GEM MT]
'97 Finest Refractor [Creators #rd To 1090] BGS 9.5 [No Less than 9.5 subs]

I will continue to update as I continue to acquire. If you have MJ's REFRACTORS and want to sell, let me know via PM.

[Image: 15ad53cc.jpg]

[Image: ad13968c.jpg]

[Image: c3992d1d.jpg]

[Image: a9a43f37.jpg]

[Image: d20ea6d4.jpg]

Thanks for looking!
I love the way you angled the cards to get the perfect photo showing the refractive coating.
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