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My brain hurts

Good deal

Crazy collector

Just had to throw this up there. Share some of your finds if you feel like it. $180 bucks because its stamped 1/xxx is nuts IMO lol.
I think the $40 one is crazier than the 1/xx for an Exquisite card. I actually think its cheap compared to most other 1/xx. LOL...
I HATED dropping $40 to get that card.
Did you notice in the description of the 1/75 it says the number is 24/75?
In general, number crazed collectors do have a screw or two loose in the head. Lol. That really is bonkers though. Kind of fun to see though when you aren't involved. Big Grin
That's nothing new. I've been known to go a lil nuts when bidding on certain cards like that Wink
(09-14-2012 05:56 AM)ekalbNZ Wrote: [ -> ]Did you notice in the description of the 1/75 it says the number is 24/75?

Ha ha. I noticed that right off the bat.
If I remember correctly the winner of that is the guy who bought up all the 2011 topps chrome superfractors, including paying $154.50 for my Justin Houston.
I prefer the last number ie.. 75/75 and do pay a premium. Just not that much of premium lol Smile
Hate ebay sellers they make up so many ways to say a card is 1/1. Jersey number 10/999, 1/999, 999/999, saying it's the only one on ebay. The worst was when one seller added the two numbers to say it was a 1/1 jersey serial. Their is only one 1/1 period every other card is just serial number
lol i too would prefer a 50/50 over a 01/50 i also dont mind cards that are say 87/99 because its gronks number. However i wouldnt pay more then $5-$10 more for a card because of its number. Its cool but not worth a ton to me. Im just happy to get the card...dont really care as much about the number.
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