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So as you may have read before i have been having some trouble with a guy buying every single gronk refractor out there. All i needed was one 2010 topps chrome gold refractor to complete my rainbow (minus 1/1) So one came up on the bay a few days ago and it was numbered 01/50 So i msged the seller and told him i really needed the card and would pay him $90 for it right now. Two days later still no response. Low and behold the guy who buys all the refractors bids. I dont bid to keep the bid low so that my offer looks better. So today is the 3rd day i msg the seller again...he responds and apologizes that he didnt respond sooner. He said he would accept my offer....which is awesome news!! You know what made it even better though....he put it as a buy it now on i didnt lose out on my ebay bucks!! Heres a link to the sale. The scan sucks but i checked with him to make sure it wasnt uncentered and that the scanner just cut off the picture.

So once i get this card in hand i will list my Gronk gold refractor that i dont like and have a BIN of like $150 which this other guy will pay because hes redic. I will end up basically getting the card for free because the first refractor cost me $67 this one cost me $90 which equals $157 So yeah the good guys won this one!!
link to original thread...good discussion
Good stuff Smile #1/50 is pretty sweet!
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