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You read it right, BruinsFan08 is thinking about possibly trading up some of the Bruins PC cards. These are available, and I'm looking for Neely and Ovechkin cards in return...

[Image: 10-11PinnacleRookieTeamPinnacledualautog...ndHall.jpg]

2010-11 Pinnacle Rookie Team Pinnacle Signatures #1 Taylor Hall/Tyler Seguin, #46/50.

[Image: MilanLucicITG.jpg]

2008-09 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia Jerseys-Emblems #11 Milan Lucic #9/9.

[Image: ITGBTPFirstRoundGoalies-TuukkaRask.jpg]

2007-08 Between The Pipes First Round Goalies Jerseys #FRG04 Tuukka Rask, one of 90 made.

[Image: TylerSeguinGU.jpg]

2009-10 ITG Heroes and Prospects Game Used Jerseys #M25 Tyler Seguin, one of 100 made.

I am NOT in any hurry to move these cards, so please don't waste time with lopsided offers for players I don't want. Neely or Ovechkin, or even both, but nothing else interests me for these. They are still PC cards, I'm just considering them movable for equal value cards of my main PC players.

Thanks for taking a look, have a great one!
I can't be the only Bruins fan on the whole forum, haha. Anyone?
im interested in the seguin, i have a 2009-10 SPx Flashback Fabrics Cam Neely
Already got that one as well.
im a bruins fan, and id love to get a hold of those Seguin auto's, however, i dont know think i got any thing you want.
Last shot at trying to trade these before submitting them to eBay! Anyone?
Wow, eBay didn't bite either, haha. Anyone need a Seguin or three?
i have a neely auto ill post up when i get home from work, and i might have an extra Ovechkin young gun.
Mrdub, thanks for checking. Not interested in any RC's unless they're auto or GU (i.e. SPA, SPx, etc.)
[Image: img095_zps4f59e8a6.jpg]

this is all i got.
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