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First off, Mik and I worked out a RG3-for-RG3 trade, which netted me this one:
[Image: g-griffin12ff.jpg]
and he added a couple sweet PC autos along with it!
[Image: w-james05udko.jpg]
[Image: w-hawthorne05exq.jpg]
James nno, Anttaj #/150

Thanks again, Mik!

Next, branesergen sent a lil PC care package with a Lee Evans Certified mirror Gold parallel and these...
[Image: w-panos94sup.jpg][Image: w-chambers04ps.jpg]
Panos #/6000 or something like that, Chambers #/49

My first Joe Panos card and auto! Woo hoo!

Finally, robsvideos agreed to work out a trade for several Lance Kendricks autos he had that I needed, as well as this monster...

[Image: w-evans11pb.jpg]


Thanks a ton, Rob!

Shoutouts complete. Return to your regular post-reading.
Thank you for looking. Wink
Great stuff. That booklet kicks booty.

Way to be awesome, fellas.
Sweet cards Sconnie!!! Guys way to help a collector out Smile
That booklet is awesome
(09-13-2012 08:50 PM)georgehenrycollector Wrote: [ -> ]That booklet is awesome

Seriously. I love how almost all the jersey pieces are different colors. Really pizzazzes up the card.
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