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Full Version: 9/13 mailday
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a few nice things today. Thanks for looking!

[Image: A46B9B6F-366C-4F85-B328-84A18395FC98-106...E86FAB.jpg]

[Image: 851DDA97-C5E6-4CBF-95C2-D23D77618650-106...D77C9B.jpg]

[Image: D5951FAE-1EB6-4459-A023-CD465FF2FFF3-106...209CBA.jpg]

[Image: D3B232FE-9A20-49D9-92DB-94B327E274BD-106...C63A97.jpg]

and an updated look at my shrine

[Image: C5E9E083-A876-4F7C-B676-D320E96F7D23-106...6D97F3.jpg]
Nice brent! Your gonna need a new desk/display soon
Awesome mailday and the shrine looks amazing. Feel like I should be taking a knee like at church or something. Tongue
Very nice mail day, and I love the shrine!!!! WTG!!!
thank you gentlemen..yea chad will need to get a bigger space
@ knees required!
@ redskins thank you very much Smile
Looking mighty good! Nice adds Smile
Love that shrine, beautiful mix of memo!
Very awesome collection!
(09-13-2012 05:50 PM)warcraftin Wrote: [ -> ]Looking mighty good! Nice adds Smile

thank you!
(09-13-2012 05:55 PM)solid133 Wrote: [ -> ]Love that shrine, beautiful mix of memo!

thank you! its fun to chase all different kinds of things Smile
(09-13-2012 06:08 PM)ekalbNZ Wrote: [ -> ]Very awesome collection!

appreciate the kind words
I'm so sick and tired of seeing your updates........because it makes me want to buy more and more suh stuff to keep up with your drew pc!

Nice stuff as always! You need to get a nice display case like the ones at LCS's to display all that stuff!
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