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Full Version: Here it is! (Again)
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[Image: ij8wO.jpg?1]
Nice man hope I get to see it in person
Who is Robert Griffin III? lol jk Just an unreal card. Congrats!
Nice man, awesome hit and glad you are still stoked about it!
Monster card.
Sell that sucker
this kid is so good he's probably the one exception to the rule in that I wouldn't sell that card for anything right now. Barring a freak injury or complete meltdown he's has HOF potential written all over him.

Sure the chance the value could go down is there but it's a 1/1 RC it's not like the bottom is going to fall out and it's going to be worthless.And if he does pan out and makes that HOF in 10-15 yrs. that thing will be worth 10x more than you'd get for it right now. IMO of course.
that thing is insane!
Ryan Leaf won his first 2 games too. Not saying RG3=Ryan Leaf, just saying let's not call him a future HOFer after one game....

I still say sell it. And as fast as possible.
Fake. You can tell its a lazer printer job.

J/k sick card man. If I pulled that not sure if I would sell it or hold on to it. Tough decision.
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