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And who is dumb enough to spend 85 dollars on a pack that Had to have been opened then resealed? Or am I missing something?
Wow thats crazy. I agree it has to be opened the resealed
thats how bro..not real,not a deal nor is it even possible
I have an unopened pack of 2011 topps chrome with a guaranteed variation on card auto.. Anyone want it for 100 bucks. Lmao. could get a cam newton, Andy dalton, many star opportunities, but I bet you another 100 it is a Daniel Thomas :-)
Well whoever it is is pretty dumb or has money to burn
All private auctions too. Makes it that much more obvious it's a scam. I wonder how much money these guys actually make on these bs auctions. Pretty sad really.
shill bidder/seller, as all of the bidders are listed as "private" to prevent people from seeing their bid activity with that seller.
reminds me when I was about 10... So 25 years ago, at the local card shows, people would offer grab bags wrapped in brown paper all placed in a cardboard box. You could grab One for like 3 dollars a peice. They would guarantee that some of the packs had a nolan Ryan rookie or a mattingky 84 donruss rookie (when it was hot) ect. When I went to grab a pack there was only three left and the guys says, no one has gotten the Ryan yet.. So I buy the last three packs with the rest Of my money. As soon as I get the last three packs and give the guy my money this guys reaches behind him and pulls out another cardboard box with like 100 more brown paper packs.. Lol. Moral to the story.. DB's in the card industry have been around forever, and will always be here. Just avoid them if you can....
the way ebay is set up now days though if you buy it and it's not as described there is little to no risk to the buyer. You can get a paypal refund in a worst case scenario. Sure it may take a little while but in the end you get your money back.

Also the seller has over 2400 feedback and 100% positive at that. Yeah obviously the pack was opened to see what was inside but there is nothing that suggests it's not what he's advertising. There will always be skeptics about hot packs I get that but again worst case you get a full refund.
Funny, I Missed the fact the he didn't say it was a sealed pack just a hot pack.. Although there is no way he puts in a Manning or Fitzgerald Gold. And the title is misleading to a certain extent at best. Also I don know how you would get a full refund as he was pretty careful in his description. As long as there is a gold auto i would think he is covered and not lose his case
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