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i need patterns.........1..4..12..16..19..23..25..32..33..35..37..38..39..41..43..49..55..68..70..74..79..81..86..88....24 cards to go

Help me, please
(09-12-2012 05:03 PM)elberson Wrote: [ -> ]i need patterns.........1..4..12..16..19..23..25..32..33..35..37..38..39..41..43..46..49..55..68..70..74..79..81..86..87..88....26 cards to go

Help me, please

just wodering where we stand on our trade
I picked up pattern 87, need more help.
Glad you got 87. Check the site I sent you to, they have a thread on the baseball hobby talk forum that's about nothing but 1998 Tek, that might be a good place to solicit more. Pm me if you need more details
Can anybody else help?
Just picked up another one. 24 more to go, help
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