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Ladies and Gents

Having spent more than $40,000 on Chapman in just three months, I'm still in search of a lot of high end Chapman Autos.

2009 Elite
2010 Bowman Chrome
2010 Bowman Sterling
2010 Bowman Platinum
2011 Triple Threads
2012 Topps Museum
2012 Topps Tribute
2012 Topps Tier ONE

There's a lot out there I don't own. Who's got 'em!

Don't know if this is high end enough for you, but I have a 2012 Allen and Ginter Aroldis Champman auto.
No thanks my good sir. One of the few Chappy auto's I'm not after. Wink
(09-12-2012 02:07 PM)mpruser2000 Wrote: [ -> ]Having spent more than $40,000 on Chapman in just three months...

does wherever you work have a need for electrical engineering seniors?
Only if they have Chapman autos stored in the attic.
I think I have a 2011 Triple Threads /50. I won't be able to get at it until later this weekend, but I'll let you know exactly what it is.
I have this one, but you likly have it.

[Image: Mississauga-20120419-00154-3.jpg]
PM Both ... Thanks Fellas

Here's a look at the current Chapman Collection (Triple Threads, Sterling, Tribute only ... hundreds of other pictures to take!)

Check out the collection above and help me fill it! Who has more Chapmans!

Do you need 2010 Bowman Chrome auto?
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