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I decided to swing into my local shop for a box of Finest.For the first 10 minutes, I talked to another guy in there shopping about pulls this year. Not too much luck to me, and aside from a few parallels in Bowman Platinum, I hadn't pulled any of the "big boy" RCs. I'm a Rangers fan, so I especially wanted a Darvish. While I don't "hold" cards for long on average, I'm one of those guys that just likes the thrill of the pull.

First pack: Darvish base RC. We laughed. "Damn. There's my Darvish".

Break continued and.... definitely wasn't a bust.

4th pack, 1st box - Darvish Gold RC AU/Relic (/50)

[Image: Darvish50.jpg]

Other noteworthies included a Romine on-card:

[Image: Romine.jpg]

..and a Pujols Game Changer:

[Image: Pujols.jpg]

Not too bad! ^.^

Napoli Green /199
Steve Lombardozzi RC /50

Mesoraco RC (Reds)
Zack Cozart
Paul Goldschmidt
Hutchinson RC (Jays)
Trevor Bauer RC
Eric Hosmer

Lincecum FotF
Verlander FM
Hellickson FM

Leonys Martin
Dellin Betances
Wade Miley
Kirk Nieuwenhuis
Brett Pill
Matt Dominguez
Eric Surkamp
wow awesome pulls!
Nice pull but that doesn't seem like a patch to my eyes
Yea, I pulled a Tom Milone gold "patch" and it was a 1 color patch. Kinda sucks. But oh well. Nice pull on your part.
Note: Changed it to Relic. Misuse of terms since I just got back into the hobby. lol ^.^
Sweet darvish
Hey, I've seen that card somewhere before... about 5 hours ago! Congrats again!
Nice! Hopefully, one day i'll be that lucky.
Just to clarify, since I got razzed on this same "patch" or "jersey" thing the other day. What makes a mem card a patch or jersey? more than 1 color? logo? I'm just curious as I just got back into the hobby again as well.
A great pull. Congratulations.
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