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Just completed my run of 80's fleer sets. I am still missing the sticker sets from 86 and 87, although I do have the MJ from both in BGS 9.

I am debating whether to complete those sticker sets or move onto the Star Sets now. I have the Star #101 MJ XRC in BGS 6.5 (all 8.5 subs with a 6 for corners, it will be getting reviewed) and a few other of the smaller MJs...

What does everyone think?
i think both sets will be nice to complete. the star sets will be much more difficult to obtain and alot more expensive.
3n5kp.... you have all the 80s Fleer sets? that is a huge victory!!

I have a 1983-84 Star #BAG13 Lakers sealed bag (13)... still sealed, been debating if I should send it in for grading..

[Image: LAKERS13_STAR_84-84.jpg]
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