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These are the new ones, Nomo added

[Image: nomoprecious_0001.jpg]
[Image: nomoprecious_0002.jpg]

These are the ones I already had

[Image: preciousfront.jpg]
[Image: preciousback.jpg]

I need the rest... Paying top dollar :-) please let me know
Wow! THis is great. I know these can be a super tough (and $$) chase. Please post again when you get more.
Will do, should have the Nomo by Friday :-)
Nomo has been added
Very nice!!I need to get me a Bonds.
Lol you and me both
I'm on the lookout for the chipper (for myself) lol.
(09-15-2012 10:17 PM)sesfan01 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm on the lookout for the chipper (for myself) lol.

:-). Touché
just a quick bump to see if anyone has any of the 16 remaining metals I need... Thanks
Another bump looking for the last 16 of these Smile help would be appreciated
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