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Thought it might really appeal to the football collector market also, would love to hear any info/ideas about this one - thanks for the read
[Image: 030.jpg]
Nice pull.....(Im partial to the Crosby aspect of it...def not the Football part) but great Pull none the less!
Amazing pull!!! Wonder why they have 2005-06 stuff in the 2011-12 wax? Oh well... will never understand Upper Deck! Haha!

Its not really 05-06 stuff. Its called The Cup Crosby Tribute set. just like last years was The Gretzky Tribute( I believe). The only real connection to 05-06 is the style of the card which resembles the rookies patch card auto's from 05-06 Cup. There are some pretty nice athletes in the set. Last year it had Tiger Woods etc. Very nice pull. PM me with a cash price as I would love to buy it. I am into all sports so yeah, Griffin is a guy I collect. Congrats......
congrats on the RG3
Now just hope you get it eventually-- I give it a 50-50 shot right now.
awesome hit, always a good thing when you get a RGIII hit
Wow... that's amazing hit.
Does anyone know of any previous sales of this card anywhere and how much they have gone for?
does anyone know of any final sales on this card? curious.
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