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I love tuesdays at my local walmart (It's the day they put out new cards lol!). made it before the pack searchers hit. Bought a rack pack and 2 single packs of platinum, a few packs of topps and a few packs of rookies and stars. Dont think i did TOO bad.

Best pulls from platinum
RG3 orange refractor
RG3 X-fractor
Rg3 base rc
luck base rc
blackmon base rc
blackmon orange refractor
nick toon orange refractor
Luke kuechly base rc
no auto's though!

pull from Rookies and stars
trent richardson true blue rookie materials /399

best hit from topps
chris rainey pink parrallel /399
[Image: DSCI1301.jpg]
Nice stuff
not bad....congrats
nice retail hits way to go
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