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Full Version: 1 box Cup break
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Nice hits, but I have to ask not just based on the comments here, but EVERYWHERE and EVERY break. Is Gustav Nyqust really that big of a prospect?? I seriously dont get it, I never even heard of the guy until I broke my first box of Prime and pulled a Nyquist rookie patch /5 and threw it on ebay for BIN $200 for the heck of it and it got bought an hour later. Since then I see people going nuts over this guys cards... Id think if he was some big future NHL stud I wouldve heard of him, so is it that, or is it that hes highly sought after because hes a wing?? Much like Aaron Palushaj, die hard Habs will tell you this guy is garbage, but collectors buy him up like crack, same with Louis LeBlanc... Whats the deal??
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