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Full Version: SUPER STOKED!!!
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I woke up this morning to find an email stating that an offer I had made on a card had been accepted. When I saw the card in a Pre- Release Fold Out I knew that I had to have it, but that I probably would never get a shot at it. Well, I don't usually post on here until I receive the package.....but I am SUPER STOKED on this one....and am wondering if I should post a PIC now or wait for it to come in. I paid IMMEDIATLY so hopefully it is shipped quickly and in my hands by this weekend. Thoughts???
I wanna see!!!
post! Smile
Ok......but I hope this doesn't jinx it and something happen with shipping..............Smile

I got hooked when I saw these because they remind me of the medals that we received in the military. Kind of fitting that I win this on 9/11. Smile

Brees Field General 1/1 Auto
sweet, saw that on ebay too. It was to rich for my blood
wow thats a nice card! saaaaaweeeeeeeeeeet!
The offer that was accepted was quite a bit lower than that. I didn't think it would go through, so I feel pretty lucky Smile

(09-11-2012 01:06 PM)bigdehart64 Wrote: [ -> ]sweet, saw that on ebay too. It was to rich for my blood
sweet. sent you a pmSmile
super sweet card! congrats!
that card is crazy!
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