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base /80

[Image: E161B6F0-D8B5-47AE-9A3D-AD6CF690E6E2-453...F2B3D2.jpg]

endorsements gold /15

[Image: A3556080-7BEA-4A3B-96A6-370986815820-453...8F09F5.jpg]

autobiography jersey /75

[Image: F5E1A6BC-0B10-49A4-9DF5-CE86545BBCB1-453...68A2D7.jpg]

inscriptions gold /5

[Image: 9866118F-00FE-4ECB-B59C-42C8CA8C1D16-453...7ED54A.jpg]
Wow those are beautiful cards!
thanks my friend. i picked up the /5 first and thought what the hell
i love the fact that they are on card autos
and its such a high end product.
going to be tough to find them though
Nice pickups
Nice stuff man
(09-11-2012 09:01 AM)Shawn-0813 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice pickups

(09-11-2012 10:07 AM)208963 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice stuff man

thank you!
Exquisite with the NFL license are sweet cards. Good luck in your hunt for the rest.
not to bad at all keep it up bud
Nice man!
sweet stuff! funny how that happens sometimes when you get the lowest numbered one of the bunch first, you say il go for them all. but if it was the other way around, ya might think differently lol. hope you get em all!
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