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Opened up an awesome box of 2012 Topps Chrome today.

Black Refractor TOM MILONE /100

Blue Refractor BRYCE HARPER /199

Base Auto Kirk Nieuwenhuis

Blue Refractor Auto JESUS MONTERO /199


[Image: ColorTouch.jpg]
grats man! thats a really unique picture too. check me if you want to trade the harper.
I'd be interested in that Harper too.
way to go! Congrats.
Awesome box... I'll say...
Thanks guy. All items right now are PC. I bought a box last week and some single packs and got a Addison Reed auto and Pacheco Blue Refractor auto. I also bought a box of Finest today and got a Zack Cozart Orange Relic Auto and Pacheco Auto, with a Harper base. I've pulled printing plates before but never a Superfractor. This was my second best pull ever, my first best was a Jeter Red Refractor /5 from 2012 Bowman. Thanks for looking!
Sweet #"d 1/1
great box!
Congrats@! That was a sweet box! I have pulled a few supers but that first one is always the best. I was lucky enough to pull ichiro and yi chaun lin in consecutive boxes in 2009. Sold both by the way.
I really don't know if I will consider selling this one. You know how it is when you pull that first one......... I'm sure over time I will be less attached to it. Thanks for the responses!
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