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Full Version: 2012 Finest Set
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Looking to trade or sell my complete 2012 Finest Set.

Contact me if interested.

Best Regards
I'd be interested in trading for it....what are you looking for in return?
Depends what you have... I'm looking to complete my 1993 platinum power set. I'm looking for complete sets, insert sets, memorabilia/autographed cards, rookie cards, etc. I definitely expect something pretty awesome for it as the set is valued well over $100. Let me know anything notable that you have that you are willing to part with.

I'm might be interested. Have a few ideas. what about a set of these?

[Image: 1976IsalyDiscSet.jpg]
Wow... That's pretty impressive mike. what year and brand are those? That way I can do some research
Any serious takers?
They are the 1976 Isaly's Disc Set.
I think its a 70 card set.
I don't think they are listed on Beckett - but its one of those sets that several companies put their info on the back. So the same set IS listed on Beckett - but not listed as Isaly's.
Very cool set!
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