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Had a very long morning fixing a leak on the roof in a downpour. So I treated myself with a box...wish I didn't

Not even worth scanning

Greg Bird auto
Daniel Norris auto
Daniel Hudson blue refractor jersey auto /199
Guillermo Pimentel yellow printing plate

I'm off to slit my wrists, cya
lol it could be worse. Your roof could still be leaking in the rain storm.

I busted a box of '12 bowman platinum not too long ago and was similar to your box except I didn't get printing plate. lol
Relax there will be better boxes sorry for the HORRIABEL box
I would trade for the Bird...
I would be interested in the Hudson jersey auto. Thanks
Use the cards from the box as new tiles for the roof next time it leaks.
I'd be interested in some of your gold, emerald, and ruby parallels....still working on a rainbow set....lmk what you've got.
Im wondering if their is a market for those printing plates??This is still a 1/1 card!
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