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Sitting around watching college game day and waiting for the Mizzou game to come on tonight so it's time to start the Tyson Jackson PC thread and bore the crap out of all of you. So with that said here we go.

Autographed Game Used Jersey

[Image: photo5.jpg]

[Image: photo2.jpg]

[Image: photo3.jpg]

[Image: photo4.jpg]

Auto'd Jersey

[Image: F6112FBD.jpg]

2009 Upper Deck Rookie Premier Auto'd Ball

[Image: 087.jpg]

[Image: 088.jpg]

[Image: 084.jpg]

2009 Score 8X10 Auto'd Picture
[Image: 001.jpg]

Panini 8X10 Auto'd Picture
[Image: 002.jpg]

Tyson Ninety-Four Jackson My English Bulldog
[Image: D268F89D.jpg]

Cards coming next
Cant wait lump!

Jumbo Patch Auto RPM 5/10
[Image: jackson5of10001.jpg]

Jumbo Jersey Auto RPM 10/10
[Image: 10of10001.jpg]

Jumbo Patch RPM 1/25
[Image: TysonJacskon1of25001.jpg]

Jumbo Patch RPM 9/25
[Image: 9of25001.jpg]

Laundry Tag RPM 4/5
[Image: 4of5001.jpg]

Jersey Number Dual Patch RPM 6/10
[Image: TysonJackson6of10-1.jpg]

Jersey Number Dual Jersey RPM 43/99
[Image: TysonJackson43of99.jpg]

Jersey Number Dual Jersey RPM 81/99
[Image: 012.jpg]

Jersey Number Dual Jersey RPM 56/99
[Image: 56of99001.jpg]

Jersey Number Dual Jersey RPM 87/99
[Image: TysonJackson87of99.jpg]

More Absolute Coming
NFL RPM Auto Prime 6/10
[Image: 071.jpg]

NFL RPM Auto 20/149
[Image: 20of149001.jpg]

NFL RPM Prime 35/50
[Image: 35of50001.jpg]

NFL RPM Prime 14/50
[Image: 14of50001.jpg]

AFC RPM Auto Prime 6/10
[Image: TysonJackson6of10.jpg]

AFC RPM Auto Prime 3/10
[Image: 027.jpg]

AFC RPM Auto 18/25
[Image: 18of25001.jpg]

AFC RPM Prime 15/25
[Image: TysonJackson15of25.jpg]

AFC RPM Prime 24/25
[Image: TysonJackson24of25.jpg]

AFC RPM 58/99
[Image: 58of99001.jpg]
College RPM Auto Prime 9/10
[Image: absolute001.jpg]

College RPM Auto 17/25
[Image: 17of25001.jpg]

College RPM Prime 8/10
[Image: 8of10001.jpg]

College RPM 89/100
[Image: 89of100001.jpg]

War Room Prime Patch Auto 6/10
[Image: 6of10001.jpg]

War Room Jersey Auto 23/25
[Image: 23of25001-1.jpg]

War Room Jumbo Patch 12/25
[Image: TysonJackson12of25.jpg]

War Room Patch 7/50
[Image: 07of50001.jpg]

War Room Jersey 165/250
[Image: 165of250001.jpg]

War Room Jersey Number Dual Jersey 3/10
[Image: TysonJackson3of10.jpg]

More Absolute coming
War Room Jersey Number Dual Jersey 8/10
[Image: TysonJackson8of10.jpg]

War Room Jersey Number Dual Jersey 9/10
[Image: TysonJackson9of10.jpg]

War Room Jersey Number Dual Patch Prime 9/25
[Image: TysonJackson9of25.jpg]

War Room Jersey Number Dual Patch Prime 15/25
[Image: 15of25001.jpg]

War Room Jersey Number Dual Patch Prime 16/25
[Image: 16of25001.jpg]

War Room Spectrum Platinum 17/25
[Image: TysonJackson17of25.jpg]

Star Gazing Jersey Number DUal Patch Prime 25/25
[Image: TysonJackson25of25.jpg]

Star Gazing Jumbo Patch Prime 5/25
[Image: 5of25001.jpg]

Star Gazing Jumbo Patch Prime 15/25
[Image: TysonJackson15of25-1.jpg]

Star Gazing Prime Patch Auto 10/10
[Image: 018.jpg]
Star Gazing Jersey Auto 1/25
[Image: 025.jpg]

Star Gazing Patch Prime 40/50
[Image: TysonJackson40of50.jpg]

Star Gazing Jersey 51/250
[Image: 051of250001.jpg]

Star Gazing Jersey 93/250
[Image: TysonJackson93of250.jpg]

Star Gazing Base
[Image: 056.jpg]

Rookie Jersey Collection
[Image: no001.jpg]

Rookie Jersey Collection
[Image: TysonJackson.jpg]

Thats it for Absolute for now
Amazing Lump!

Silver Refractor Auto 2/10
[Image: 019.jpg]

Orange Refractor Auto 12/15
[Image: 12of15001.jpg]

Gold Refractor Auto 23/25
[Image: 23of25001.jpg]

Blue Refractor Auto 26/35
[Image: 26of35001.jpg]

Base Auto
[Image: nonumb002.jpg]

Base Auto
[Image: TysonJackson.jpg]

Superfractor 1/1
[Image: 60EABC93.jpg]

Red Refractor 5/5
[Image: 5of5001.jpg]

Orange Refractor 11/25
[Image: 11of25001.jpg]

Gold Refractor 8/50
[Image: 8of50001.jpg]

Silver Refractor 16/99
[Image: 16of99001.jpg]

Green Refractor 55/99
[Image: 55of99001.jpg]

Blue Refractor 132/150
[Image: 132of150001.jpg]

Copper Refractor 215/225
[Image: 215of225001.jpg]

Xfractor 244/250
[Image: 244of250001.jpg]

[Image: no001.jpg]

[Image: no002.jpg]

[Image: TysonJackson2.jpg]
(09-08-2012 09:15 AM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]Cant wait lump!

There's a start
(09-08-2012 09:43 AM)branesergen Wrote: [ -> ]Amazing Lump!

Thanks Doc
Boring.....I think NOT!!!! Just AMAZING Lumpster Smile
So much already and we are only on your second product haha. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.
This is my kind of "boring"!!! Smile Definitely one of the big dog collections on here. Can't wait to see it all posted.
(09-08-2012 10:40 AM)ripkenfan72 Wrote: [ -> ]Boring.....I think NOT!!!! Just AMAZING Lumpster Smile

Thanks Tdizzle
(09-08-2012 10:45 AM)blaze92585 Wrote: [ -> ]So much already and we are only on your second product haha. Looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

Thanks man I've got quite a bit more coming
(09-08-2012 10:48 AM)nineof Wrote: [ -> ]This is my kind of "boring"!!! Smile Definitely one of the big dog collections on here. Can't wait to see it all posted.

Thanks Nine I'll be posting parts of it most of the day trying to kill time till the Mizzou game

Gold 3/10
[Image: TysonJackson3of10.jpg]

Gold 5/10
[Image: TysonJackson5of10.jpg]

Bronze 61/99
[Image: 037.jpg]

Blue 184/199
[Image: TysonJackson184of199.jpg]

White 54/29
[Image: 046.jpg]

[Image: TysonJackson-2.jpg]

Base x 4
[Image: TysonJackson.jpg]

Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
[Image: cyan.jpg]

Gold Refractor 6/25
[Image: 6of25001.jpg]

Black Refractor 16/50
[Image: 008.jpg]

Black Refractor 41/50
[Image: 41of50001.jpg]

Refractor 186/199
[Image: 186of199001.jpg]

Base 355/749
[Image: 355of749001.jpg]

Jersey Number Die Cut Auto 10/10
[Image: TysonJackson10of10-1.jpg]

Team Die Cut Prime 10/10
[Image: TysonJackson10of10.jpg]

Team Die Cut 15/25
[Image: 016.jpg]

Rookie Fabric Of The Game 84/100
[Image: 017.jpg]

College Fabric Of The Game Prime 10/10
[Image: 10of10001.jpg]

College Fabric Of The Game Prime 4/25
[Image: 015.jpg]

College Fabric Of The Game Prime 22/25
[Image: 22of25001.jpg]

College Fabric Of The Game 60/100
[Image: 060of100001.jpg]

College Combos Prime 10/10
[Image: DorseyJackson10of10.jpg]

College Combos 15/50
[Image: DorseyJackson15of50.jpg]
Combos Dual Jersey 94/100
[Image: SmithJackson94of100.jpg]

Combos Dual Jersey 53/100
[Image: 002.jpg]

Mirror Emerald Auto 3/5
[Image: TysonJackson3of5.jpg]

Mirror Emerald Auto 5/5
[Image: 5of5001.jpg]

Mirror Gold Auto 3/10
[Image: 03of10001.jpg]

Mirror Blue Auto 21/25
[Image: 21of25001.jpg]

Base Auto 117/229
[Image: 117of229001.jpg]

Base Auto 3/229
[Image: 003of229001.jpg]

Mirror Emerald Jumbo Patch 2/5
[Image: TysonJackson2of5.jpg]

Mirror Gold Jumbo Patch 12/25
[Image: 12of25001.jpg]

Mirror Gold Jumbo Patch 18/25
[Image: TysonJackson18of25.jpg]

Mirror Gold Jumbo Patch 19/25
[Image: TysonJackson19of25.jpg]
Mirror Blue Jumbo Jersey 38/50
[Image: TysonJackson38of50.jpg]

Base Jumbo Jersey 77/100
[Image: TysonJackson77of100.jpg]

Base Jumbo Jersey 99/100
[Image: 099of100001.jpg]

Auto 7/10
[Image: 07of10001.jpg]

Prime Patch 15/25
[Image: 15of25001.jpg]

Jersey 69/100
[Image: 069of100001.jpg]

Jersey 97/100
[Image: 032.jpg]

Blue 20/50
[Image: 20of50001.jpg]

Red 43/100
[Image: 043of100001.jpg]

Base 687/1000
[Image: 0687of1000001.jpg]

NFL Stamp Auto Prime Patch 3/10
[Image: 03of10001.jpg]

NFL Stamp Auto Jersey 8/15
[Image: TysonJackson8of15.jpg]

NFL Stamp Patch Prime 7/25
[Image: AB0E349E.jpg]

1969 Stamp Jersey 37/50
[Image: 37of50001.jpg]

NFL Stamp Jersey 8/99
[Image: 014.jpg]

NFL Stamp Jersey 42/99
[Image: 42of99001.jpg]

College Stamp Auto Prime Patch 1/5
[Image: TysonJackson1of5.jpg]

College Stamp Auto Prime Patch 4/5
[Image: 4of5001.jpg]

College Stamp Prime Patch 24/25
[Image: 24of25001.jpg]

College Stamp Jersey 36/99
[Image: 36of99001.jpg]
College Stamp Jersey 44/99
[Image: 028.jpg]

College Stamp Jersey 83/99
[Image: TysonJackson83of99.jpg]

Cyan Printing Plate 1/1
[Image: cyan001.jpg]

Artist Auto Mini 8/10
[Image: TysonJackson8of10.jpg]

Base Auto
[Image: no002.jpg]

Base Auto
[Image: 001.jpg]

[Image: no001.jpg]

Gold Mini
[Image: 048.jpg]

Mini Topps Back 19/25 ( Front )
[Image: 053.jpg]

Mini Topps Back 19/25 ( Back )
[Image: 054.jpg]

Mini Bazooka Back ( Front )
[Image: 050.jpg]

Mini Bazooka Back ( Back )
[Image: 051.jpg]
Mini Chicle Back ( Front )
[Image: 002.jpg]

Mini Chicle Back (Back )
[Image: 003.jpg]

[Image: jackson003.jpg]

Platinum Auto 15/25
[Image: 15of25001.jpg]

Gold Auto 27/250
[Image: 027of250001.jpg]

Team Colors
[Image: 430826CA.jpg]

Timeless Tributes Gold 48/50
[Image: 052.jpg]

Base RC 389/999
[Image: 070.jpg]

Rookie Ticket Auto /443
[Image: TysonJackson.jpg]

Rookie Ticket Auto /443
[Image: nonum3001.jpg]

Playoff Ticket 46/99
[Image: 46of99001.jpg]

Rookie Of The Year Contender Black 43/50
[Image: 087.jpg]

Rookie Of The Year Contender
[Image: TysonJackson-1.jpg]

Round Numbers Dual Auto 10/10
[Image: 001.jpg]

Round Numbers Black 6/50
[Image: 075.jpg]

Round Numbers
[Image: 071.jpg]

Rookie Collection Auto Patch Prime 7/25
[Image: 005.jpg]

Rookie Collection Auto Jersey 12/50
[Image: 12of50001.jpg]

Rookie Collection Patch Prime 1/25
[Image: 010.jpg]

Rookie Collection Patch Prime 14/25
[Image: 14of25001.jpg]

Rookie Collection Jersey
[Image: 327of500001.jpg]

Rookie Collection Quad Jersey 39/100
[Image: StaffordSmithJacksonCurry39of100.jpg]


[Image: TysonJackson218of350.jpg]

[Image: 205of350001.jpg]

[Image: 332of350001.jpg]

[Image: 95of350001.jpg]

[Image: 131of350001.jpg]

[Image: 335of350001.jpg]

[Image: 196of350001.jpg]
Lots of sweet colors my friend. OCD RULES!!!!
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