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I ordered two boxes of Fleer Retro. My first box arrived today. The box is made up of two mini boxes. I'm posting 12 cards from each mini for your enjoyment. Enjoy Smile!

[Image: img291.jpg]
[Image: img292.jpg]

[Image: img288.jpg]
[Image: img289.jpg] that an MJ auto? cah-razy!

Love the designs on that product as well. Nice stuff!
Very nice MJ auto! The Lebron retro and the Fredette Precious Metals are decent pulls too!
lol, i didnt even see the pmg. nice mj, sick pull!!!!!
Awesome MJ! Nice clean sig ...
gotta agree, that mj is a GREAT card
Sick jordan !!!
love the Grant Hill too. Just checked the odds, nice pull.

Where'd you get these boxes? I can't even find any, except one on the 'bay listed for a crazy-high price.
great break..this stuff seems impossible to find right now...
Awesome break man that is some nice cards. Awesome Jordan auto
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