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Full Version: Friday Mailday!
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Glad all these came in before I leave for work tomorrow Big Grin

[Image: Sep07446.jpg]
[Image: Sep07447.jpg]

Picked these up for the Random PC

[Image: Sep07448.jpg]
very nice pick ups Doc
Thank you sir!
sweet sweet mannings!
SWEET Manning cards D!!!! Don't work too hard Big Grin
Awesome Doc, sad thing is those 2 Manning autos probably cost more than everything I got in the mail today
Awesome mailday. Two really great looking Manning auto/jersey cards you picked up.
Love the Manning autos and the college Threads card. Hey... I didnt know you had a secret Errict Rhett PC going...LOL
T - Thanks! I'll try not to hehe

Lump - Thanks! Doubt it tho the gold was part of a trade for the Luck I pulled Big Grin

Nine - Thanks! I was happy to add them Big Grin

Mike - Thanks! Funny thing is back when Rhett came out I almost started one lol
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