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Hi...The title says it all....I do not have a scanner but click on my sig and it should pop up. The card is incredible and I dont usually say this but I think it WILL grade at least a 9.5. The card is immaculate. It is a 2005 Prime Cuts Timeline Auto Triple Relic Bat Jersey Bat serial numbered 7/10. I am new to Beckett and only have a couple of trades so far but if you would like some feedback my ebay seller account is kgauthier-2012. Everytime I try to post a pic it never works so I just linked it to a bucket folder with just that card in it. Only looking 1 card for 1 card. Cards in the back of my mind for a trade would be a 2009 Mike Trout Auto, 2011 Bowman Chrome Bryce Harper Auto, any high end 2010 Strasburg Auto meaning low numbered, 1993 SP Jeter BGS 9, low numbered older Babe Ruth Relic card I dont like the new market flooded stuff. I am a Bowman Chrome Auto junkie so if you have something that might entice shoot me an offer.
[Image: 100_0133.jpg]
Helping you again tonight, haha.
[Image: 100_0133.jpg]
Oh and very interested.
(09-07-2012 12:19 AM)dbroockerd Wrote: [ -> ]Helping you again tonight, haha.
[Image: 100_0133.jpg]
Oh and very interested.

You got all the tricks figured Thank You I really appreciate it!!!!
Sweet card. Let me know if I have anything you could use and let me know what value you need.
I do not have the supplies to entertain an offer but very very nice
Any interest in this one?
2005 SP Legendary Cuts Material #BR Babe Ruth Bat
[Image: Mississauga-20120419-00155-1.jpg]
check my bucket for this. What SV are you looking for?
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