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I'm trying to Complete my 2005/06 Fleer Ultra Rookie Uniformity Jersey Set with NO SOLID WHITE Jersey Swatches. I already have the Set Complete but I still need 1 NON Solid WHITE Jersey Card.

So far my Set has 25 that are Multi-Color, 34 that are NON SOLID WHITE, and 1 that has a Solid WHITE Jersey Swatch. The only Solid White Swatch card I have is Raitis Ivanans. So that one would be my #1 want and I'm also looking for more Multi-Color Jerseys of the Cards I have that are Single Color.

Here's scans of my set, that way you can see if you have a Multi-Color Swatch of a card I have a Single Color Jersey of or if you have a better looking Multi-Color Jersey Card than the one I have.

I have a 2000/01 Dany Heatley UD Young Guns Rookie or a 1984/85 Steve Yzerman Topps Rookie I'd be willing to trade towards some of the cards I'm looking for. Or I can buy them depending on how much you're asking for them.

Please let me know if you have any of the Rookie Uniformity Jersey Cards I'm looking for.

[Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet001-1.jpg] [Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet002-1.jpg]
[Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet003-1.jpg] [Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet004-1.jpg]
[Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet005-1.jpg] [Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet006-1.jpg]
[Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet007-1.jpg] [Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet008-1.jpg]
[Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet009-1.jpg] [Image: UltraRookieUniformitySet010-1.jpg]
I once had the Parise auto/25 and sold it, kicking myself ever since ...
That was the set I was going to do 1st but then I thought about the cost + all of them being numbered to **/25, so I figured it would've taken me forever to Complete that set.

Then I was going to do the 05/06 UD Rookie Threads Jersey set instead of that set but I thought the Ultra Rookie Uniformity Jersey Set looked a lot better than the UD Rookie Threads Jersey set + the Jersey Swatches are almost 2X Larger than the UD Rookie Threads Jerseys.

So I went with the regular 05/06 Ultra Rookie Uniformity Jersey set instead of the other two sets. This set has taken me a little over 6 years to put together with me always trying to upgrade it.

With all the doubles I have for this set, I probably have about 75% of another set. But if I put another set together about half of those ones would be Solid White Swatches.
Come on guys, I know some of you guys have some of these cards I need!! Please help me upgrade my set!!

Anyone?? I'd be willing to trade in your favor for Multi Color Jerseys I don't have or for a NON WHITE Raitis Ivanans.
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I just added about 30 Jersey Cards to my org. that I have for trade.
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