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Just wondering how much you typically pay for game used items. Have a chance to buy some cleats and gloves from one of my PC guys for around $60 and was just wondering if that was a decent deal.

Depends who it is but if it's Leonhard, it's a decent price. Even smaller players aren't super cheap because those things are so limited. If it were me, I'd pull the trigger as long as you have some sort of absolute guarantee they're the real thing. Good Luck!
Agree with above, if you have a fair guarantee on the items, I'd drop $60 on a player I collect no questions..
Sounds good. The guy got them through Jim's agent, which I verified with the agent and all the markings seem to check out. Thanks for the help!
dude I cant even get colbert gloves for $60 lol.
(09-06-2012 10:00 AM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]dude I cant even get colbert gloves for $60 lol.

Guess I shouldn't complain too much then about cleats and gloves for that price, haha!
Yeah, depends on the player, just like cards! Haha I only have 2 GU items currently- Brian Urlacher signed/GU gloves and Josh Hamilton signed/GU batting gloves..... I wish I could have gotten either of those for $60.
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