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Crazy, I dont think the product has even been officially released and a member on another site has just hit this beauty. Its on ebay right now and is up over $200 with less then an hour of bidding, this is going to be crazy!!!!!
scratch that, price is over $800 now?????
wow thats crazy!! i just checked and its at $810.
almost over the $900 mark now.
so when is this product released?
I think officially tomorrow.
any idea how much a box is?
$300 i believe.
Yes, it comes out tomorrow. And I'm surprised it is from a seller in the states. It's over $1,200 now. Are these people really that stupid?
i just looked up the checklist and man this product is loaded with some good stuff.
i know this is crazy, but just wait till any of the jordans surface with 23/xxx, those are going to be fun auctions to watch!!!!
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