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Bought 2 of these a few weeks back, and hit 2 boxes with all gold autos hand numbered /25. Was back at the store yesterday, and noticed 3 boxes still on the shelf. I asked if anyone had bought any and was told one box was opened the other day, and it was all gold autos /25!!
I told the guy that it HAD to be some kind of hot case! I asked for the middle box, and here are the goodies:

not scanned:

PPGU01 - RJ Alaniz materials - 045/100 ( looks like velcro)

PPA1 - RJ Alaniz GOLD Auto - hand numbered 12/25
PPA6 - Scooter Gennett GOLD Auto - hand numbered 16/30

Now the better stuff:

[Image: 120905_0002.jpg]
[Image: 120905_0003.jpg]

30/55 -"Exclusive Etchings" insert, has the Onyx COA holo, which the other auto cards do not.

And finally the big Yankees "BOZO" -

[Image: 120905_0004.jpg]

1/1!! Jumbo swatch and auto - Jumbo swatch has part of his auto and "2011 Game Used" written on it!

I'm not sure where the value would be on these, do you think it not being MLB license product will hurt value quite a bit? Or, do you think a player / team collector would be just as eager to add these to thier collection?
nice pulls dude! cool lookin cards
Very nice!!( borat voice). If the bubba is available I would like a shot. Thanks.
That is a sweet Bubba!
Sadly these cards don't sell well at all. With that said....I really want the Bubba, and really really really want the Sanchez for my Yankee PC.
the SLAM-CHEZ would look great next to his GU batting gloves and other items I have signed for him. KID is a beast in the making.
nice cards. i'd be interested in the scooter if its ft.
Sweet #"d 1/1
What are you looking for in term for the sanchez
sick sanchez!
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