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For the Elite PC:

[Image: mail004.jpg]
[Image: mail003.jpg]
[Image: mail001.jpg]
[Image: mail001_1_.jpg]

And the Eli RC PC:

[Image: mail002.jpg]
Sweet pick ups! Esp that Eli!!
Thanks Will! I like that one also, lol.
Very nice additions. I still gotta get my hands on an Eli Press pass auto one of these days.
good stuff there ron! love the gold status wilson!
Sweet pickups!!! I want that David Wilson!!!!
Nice pickup's Ron, Wilson is gonna be a stud Smile
Thanks fellas! Wilson is gonna shock a lot of folks this year. It's impossible for Bradshaw to stay healthy the way he runs the ball. Wilson has his complete opposite style. He goes fast, not hard. Can't wait for the Cowgirls to meet Mr. Wilson tonight, lol. I can't wait to see what a few big games does to his BV's. This card is just shy of $100 already.
Great additions. The Eli auto/patch card is quite the looker.
(09-05-2012 10:28 AM)nineof Wrote: [ -> ]Great additions. The Eli auto/patch card is quite the looker.

Thank you sir!
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