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I have almost everything listed in my organize but there are still a few sets I don't have in the system. I'm looking to help out with your set needs and I'm only looking for SPs and serial numbered stuff in return just to downsize my collection.

Here is a list of the sets I have a lot of cards for but haven't gotten them into the system. If you are trying to build these sets just PM me your needs list and I'll go through them and get them entered into the system and we can get a deal done.

1982 Topps
1986 Topps
1988 Donruss
1988 Topps
1989 Donruss
1989 Topps
1990 Bowman
1990 Donruss
1990 Topps
1992 Upper Deck
2010 Upper Deck

Also check what I have in the system already as I have almost 10K cards in there as we speak.
I need #171,747,762 of 1986 topps need some 88 & 89 donruss too but I don't have the list in front of me I will get one tomorrow night.
I have school tonight and tomorrow but pm me the lists and I'll see what I have for you.
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