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Got a nice bit of mail in today and have to say thank you to Robsvideos who was nice enough to trade me 3 of his T Jax SP Authentic auto patches from his Chiefs PC so I could have them in the T Jax PC. Now for the goodies

First I got this baby in hand and it looks Awesome
[Image: 9340742D.jpg]

Picked this up to display with the helmet
[Image: 013.jpg]

Also got this baby in which is of equal awesomeness
[Image: 195F80BD.jpg]

One Dorsey and Mik if you need it let me know it's yours
[Image: 011.jpg]

A couple Houston adds
[Image: 010.jpg]

[Image: 009.jpg]

A few new Flowers

[Image: 003.jpg]

[Image: 002.jpg]

[Image: 012.jpg]

More to come
Also got this Super Awesomeness in

[Image: 428B2715.jpg]

These 3 from Rob

[Image: 003.jpg]

[Image: 005.jpg]

[Image: 004.jpg]

And the rest

[Image: 007.jpg]

[Image: 002.jpg]

[Image: 008.jpg]

[Image: 006.jpg]

[Image: 001.jpg]

[Image: 001.jpg]
Nice lump!
You got all that in one day!!? You're gonna go broke staying home and shopping lol
Glad i can help. Enjoy!
(09-04-2012 06:09 PM)chads-cards Wrote: [ -> ]Nice lump!

Thanks Chad
(09-04-2012 06:54 PM)younglover Wrote: [ -> ]You got all that in one day!!? You're gonna go broke staying home and shopping lol

LOL Thank You ma'am, Most were trades so very little shopping
(09-04-2012 07:06 PM)robsvideos Wrote: [ -> ]Glad i can help. Enjoy!

Thanks again Rob, only about 90 more SPA to get over 100 LOL
(09-04-2012 08:01 PM)ripkenfan72 Wrote: [ -> ]WOWZERS!!!!

Lol thanks Tdizzle
Thank you bump
You would think those RPA's would be easier to find since there is /999 of them.
nice pick ups..those autographed helments and football are sick!!
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