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Haven't traded in quite some time. Grabbed a bunch of cards out of the box and this is the random assortment I pulled out. I would LOVE to move all of these at once at a discount. I highly prefer to trade out batches of the cards as opposed to singles but am open to seeing what you have.

Priority will be given based on whoever wants more of the cards as well as those that send open offers. You can post "take a look" in the thread but those will come after offers sent via the trade tool are exhausted first.

Hafner is the gold version
[Image: trio1.jpg]

Longoria 221/399; Howard 1595/2011; Have 3 Jordans available
[Image: trio3.jpg]
[Image: trio4.jpg]

Pujols/Brett card 0261/1500
[Image: trio5.jpg]

Doubront 524/999; Ceciliani 08/99
[Image: trio6.jpg]

Longoria and Castro are refractors
[Image: trio7.jpg]
[Image: trio8.jpg]

Cardona and Lester are refractors
[Image: tro2.jpg]
Open offer sent...!
Open offer sent lmk
oper offer sent..thanks
interested in the longoria rookie refrafctor feel free to check my organize i have many inserts and and commons
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