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I'm not a big baseball card guy. I randomly bought my 4 year old son a pack of cards I saw at wal-mart today and it had a 2012 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor Autographed Bryce Harper. I noticed they are pretty expensive on ebay. My question is...if I get this card graded and it turns out to be a 9.5 or much could this card potentially be worth?
Enough to buy your son a REAL NICE christmas present.......
What do you collect? I'm interested in it?
I hope you yelled and screamed when you pulled that,because pulling a Harper auto out of a retail pack is like winning the lottery. Wait maybe you should go play the lottery to..... Congrats nice pull.
Well, congrats for this. I hope your son will surely enjoy this. I know some products are pretty expensive on ebay than wallmart. I picked a baseball cards from wallmart last week. As a huge baseball game lover I won the lottery already and hoping to buy another one.
So I got my grading report back today on my 2012 Topps Chrome Bryce Harper Blue Refractor Auto.

Set Name : 2012 Topps Chrome Rookie Autographs Blue Refractors
Player Name : Bryce Harper
Date Graded : Friday, September 21, 2012
Centering Grade : 9.0
Corner Grade : 9.0
Edges Grade : 9.5
Surfaces Grade : 8.5
Autograph Grade : 9.0
Final Grade : 9.0

Any idea what this is worth?
Best thing I can tell you bro is to buy a subscription to the price guide OR do an Ebay completed listings search.

We're really not allowed to quote prices here...though I'd guess you should get a return on your investment Smile
OP, use ebay completed auctions.
Sorry. New to the forum. Wasnt sure if I could get an answer or not. Appreciate the responses. I have looked on ebay but I havent seen any graded ones yet.
Man harper sure has a lot of low grade autos
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