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As the title says. All of my needs are marked in org.

I am also in need of the last 2 2011 1975 Topps Lineage Mini's I need to finish the set. #54 and #101

Any help is greatly appreciated! Open offers welcome! ThanksSmile

I just added 6 (I think that's how many) 2012s as for trade in my org.
Couple trades done. Looking for more!
I will add what I have to my organize. I need ten cards to complete the 2012 set myself but I have a TON of duplicates.
Open offer sent!
2010 is finishedSmile

Still a few more needed for 2011 and a bunch needed for 2012.

Thanks everyone who has helped me out so far!
Check me.
(09-06-2012 07:23 PM)shivelycore Wrote: [ -> ]Check me.

offer sent. thanks
Did you see my pm I sent to you? LMK.
Responded. Thanks Smile

(09-07-2012 07:43 PM)kleinmu Wrote: [ -> ]Did you see my pm I sent to you? LMK.
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