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Hate to say it, but if a deal seems too good to be probably is.
I apologize. I was getting on to you guys for jumping on this user so early into the transaction. Turns out, the accusations seem to be true.

I hope all goes well and everyone gets money back and/or cards. Man, just can't trust anyone anymore.
Can we ban this guy yet????
Forget the ban. Can you get your money back yet. This loser will just create a new account under a new name. I've been had before and I still see him on here.....
What a scumbag this guy is!!!!!! He tried ripping me off too!!! But I asked him to list the card as a trade so I could buy and he wouldnt do it. Then when I questioned him about one of his cards being sold he said he had 2. Seemed fishy to me so I told him to go kick rocks!!!!!
This guy got me too... started the process with paypal...
Refund processed. Bogus seller offered nothing in his defense.
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