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Hey fellas. I have some new trade bait I can offer and wanted to see if i can get some trades going to finish my '12 heritage set. This is what I need:


and Flashbacks of #UC (U.S. Cuba)

Also if you see something in my PC that is not marked for trade, let me know and we'll go from there. Otherwise, all my stuff is marked . Let me know! Thanks!

- Rob
i've got the cuba, but that's it. any other sets your working on?
Not at the moment. if you want we can do a small 1 for 1 in a PWE..that will be fine. Or if you want to make a bigger trade. Let me know.
A la bumpage. Still need a few mores!
got the 491-442 and also looking to complete the sp's set so if you have any to trade let me know
I'll try one more bump this month. I'll even do a one for one which is fine by me. Let me know!
Hey fellas. Still looking to finish my heritage. Only need a few more. Let me know!
New year bump... I'm down to only a few high numbered cards left to comeplete the set. I need the following:

#442,451,465,473,479,487,490,491,498 and the news flashback of #UC (U.S.- Cuba)

I have some farly decent trade bait from football, hockey and basketball as well. Or if you have a little extra time, check out my org as i'm willing to part with most of my pc cards not listed for trade as well.
I just listed a couple new ones.
Thanks. didn't see the ones I needed though Sad I like the gary carter card though ('12 tribute) Nice
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