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Went back to the LCS for a second round of 2012 Bowman. I received this redemption that I have attached. Does anyone know anything about this redemption type? How do I check the Beckett value? I Do not know how the buyback works. Would the value of the buyback be the original value of the card plus a flat auto of the player(if so this isn't as good as I thought it was). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If the image doesn't work the card says:
"You are due to receive a Buyback Autograph of Edgar Martinez from 2012 Bowman Baseball"
I pulled a Nelson Cruz that was also a redemption. Most are redemptions but there were a couple of the actual cards that made it into packs. They are numbered to 25, and Topps bought 25 of the player's first Bowman card and the players signed. Very cool, because these players never had a Bowman auto. I think they're great, but they don't seem to sell for as much as a rookie auto would. Edgar Martinez is a pretty good one to pull, though it's hard to put a value on such a card without any recent ebay auctions, and Beckett doesn't have prices on cards that rare. I'm not a Nelson Cruz fan by any means but I redeemed mine, still waiting on it of course.
Thank you for the insight. Truth be told I didn't think it would be that rare (I am from the frame of mind that 25 of something is still considered "Rare"). It was kind of a bonus in the terms that I received an auto in the box besides this one.
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