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hey guys, it has been a while since i have posted a box break. here are the scans for5 packs of 11-12 Panini Prime. some very nice looking stuff here LMK what you guys think of the breaks.
thanks for the look, Ryan.

also busted 4 hobby boxes of 12-13 OPC (my first time opening OPC). Actually had a lot of fun opening the OPC, managed to pull lots of Oilers Variations, RNH, Gretzky, Messier, Crosby, Coffey pop-ups for my PC, a patrick Roy Retro Marquee Rookie Blank Back! some very nice Rainbow/black rainbow. and a team patch. all in all great fun and im about 25 cards from completeing the set. anyway onto the prime scans...

The duos & Trios:[Image: scan0001-3.jpg]

base:[Image: scan0004-1.jpg]

The RC's:[Image: scan0002-3.jpg]

Hits:[Image: scan0003-2.jpg]

PC hits:[Image: scan0007.jpg]

i am going to try and sell off everything that is not PC (Oilers) hope i can sell enough to grab some more prime. really fun break and i still need to hit a NUGE. PM me an offer if youd like to buy any of these. I would also consider a trade for RNH PC needs, thanks for the look, comments and offers appreciated.
nice breaks!!! would love to try to get the Despres/ Staal from you. Congrats on the break.
Not bad congrats
SWEET how much is a pack of prime?
i got them for 185.79 each
Holy moly that Ducks card is crazy. If you're still haven't moved it midseason, I'd be very interested.

To get a Prime Colors and Genuine Letters in 5 boxes...I think you smashed the odds right?
Ya not bad if you look at it that way. Got the prime colors in the first box and went back the next day and grabbed 4 more. We were at the LCD for maybe 2 hours, watched a couple cases worth of boxes. There were actually 3-4 genuine letters pulled and about the same in prime colors
why is the ottawa cards "Ott" instead of "Sens"? That would better match Habs and Pens

some nice cards there...product is too pricy for me though
Great looking stuff. It is tough to keep in stock!
Prime is sold out apparently, I got in a case break on CNC but got 2 base cards..... Nice looking pulls you have there!
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