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I just picked up my 19th and 20th 2006 No Number Mini. I am thinking about starting to chase some of these as they are some of the harder minis to pull from Ginter. I am not looking for the 2007 Black NNO minis, just regular NNO mini from 2006-2012.

Let me know what you have and what you are looking for in return. I have plenty of other minis to trade.

Not really looking to trade GU or autos for these.
I have the Kate Upton and Chris Carpenter NNO. Are you also interested in any of the base minis or subsets? I busted two hobby boxes but haven't finished loading them into my org. lmk if there's anything else you're looking for.
Picked up a couple of NNO minis in a few trades. Anyone else have any?
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