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So i either busted a box for myself or had it broken for me the past 2 days

and lets say i had the good , the bad , and the ugly type of boxes

The Ugly Box ... 2011 UD Legends Box

I had this box busted for me by chris j and lets call this box the ugly nothing worth your time here and i apologize for wasting
at least a couple of minutes of your life Smile

[Image: AE5CFC25-orig.jpg]
[Image: 2744A0A0-orig-1.jpg]
[Image: 965DA58D-orig.jpg]

The Bad Box ... 2012 Topps Finest

Non Refractor Inserts


Refractor RC's

Prism Refractors

Die Cut Refractors

My Normal Auto Jersey

[Image: C60C2AEE-orig-1.jpg]

A very nice bonus colored refractor /25

[Image: 8943E5FF-orig.jpg]

Then the second RED Refractor from the box /50

[Image: FC36BE54-orig-1.jpg]

Technically the box of finest was an above average one ... no matter how above average you will see that box no way can i make my money back
that is why it still falls as a bad box

And now for the good box

2012 Panini ROokies and Stars

i basically got what whas stated
- 4 Auto/memorabilia cards
- 24 rookies
- 1 longevity parallel
- 7 true blue parallels
- 4 greatest hits
- 3 statistical standouts
- 1 player pennant
- 2 NFL team pennants
- and 2 other inserts


Team Penants

Got my first hit as

Then of course the guy that haunts me Lamichael James ... got to keep the streak alive ... oooops i think the previous finest
broke my streak

[Image: C3BB2E40-orig-1.jpg]

Then enter the Dragon ... Green Dragons /99

[Image: B20A2E27-orig-1.jpg]

and of course this

Player Penant Box Guarantee of Big Ben ...

[Image: 7AAA0C0C-orig-1.jpg]

what is so special with the card ???? WTF its machine torn daym .....

THank for looking

Just kidding ... odds says you get 4 hits per box

this finally showed up

[Image: 4BBA7F2D-orig-1.jpg]

thanks for looking i hope the last card made ur time good enough for the read
Nice luck...i recently bought 2 boxes of 97 UD3 and it had an insert series that had to be machine cut came two per box i got 1 in each box with the same machine chomp out of it that you got on was an emmitt smith Sad
When I got to the bottom I said "Son of a b**ch!" hahaha I was duped. Great pull though, cool card!
I got a pennant as well and i had a crimp in it too.
I'd be interested in the Jeffery Finest card if you are trading it.
its a 1/1!! sweet pennant
very nice luck!! Congrats
I could use the Sims auto if it's ft shoot me an offer.
I wish Lamichael haunted me! you trading that? pm me if for sale or trade
I'd be interested in the Moose Johnston auto if its FT
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