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Full Version: Babe Ruth help???
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I just received a card I bid on through e-bay, thought I would take a chance as I hadnt seen it before and couldnt find it on Beckett or anywhere else. I know the card is from 1968 and that it was produced by A&BC and that they were a gum company in the UK and had association with Topps. Just looking at the card and that is pretty evident, what I dont know is what is might be worth having seen nothing else out there on this particular card.. any help????

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All I can find on that card is that it's actually from the 1966 Topps Comic Book Foldees set and Ruth is the only ball player in that set of 44 cards.

If you do completed searches on ebay for "1966 comic book foldees Ruth" you'll see a few that have sold and what appears to be a going rate for the card. With that said, I don't see anything on the cards about A&BC so who knows. I'm looking in the SCD and it doesn't say anything about A&BC being on the card. Wonder Woman is on the back side of the card.
that is the correct card, and you are right, it is topps... Cant find it on beckett anywhere though... No matter, I love the oddball stuff especially Ruth.. managed to pick up an old german card as well recently am just waiting on it to be delivered. One bad thing about working in the middle east... post takes forever....
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